y'all ready for this?!

Every March the nation gears up for one of the most widely recognized athletic competitions on earth. It comes as the raw winter weather starts to linger a little too long and we are searching for a pick me up. The trash talk begins, the rivalries resurface and the crazy starts coming out. It can only mean one thing. March Madness is BACK! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

If you are newer to the studio, you may have heard a little bit about it, or it could be completely unknown to you. Either way, trust us...you want in! As always, the game evolves a little year to year, but one thing that remains constant is the excitement that circulates the studio each March. They may be your fit buddies now, but over the course of 3 weeks we will blur the line of friendship and battle 'til the end to earn the highly sought after title of MARCH MADNESS CHAMPION. It is an elite club with no other way in than to earn it. So get ready.

If you are usually one to shy away from our studio competitions, you should really look twice at this one. The most common question we get is "I don't ride everyday, can I do this?" Yes. Yes, 10000% YES. The 2 best parts of this competition is that 1) it doesn't matter if you ride 1 or 10 times a week, you have something to contribute because it does not all revolve around riding. And 2) you have an entire team backing you up and helping pull you over the finish line. This is not an individual do or die, ride or lose competition, this is a getting out of your comfort zone, getting to know the people you ride beside everyday, supporting your town and yourself kind of competition. And trust us, you are going to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

So, now that we've convinced you, here is how it is going to work this year...

Our March Madness will closely follow the schedule of the lesser known NCAA March Madness competition, we just have wayyyy more fun ;) . We will run from TUESDAY MARCH 17-MONDAY APRIL 6. 3 weeks of grit, grind and rivalry leading up to a one day, winner takes all grand finale. If you are ready to rock, click HERE to sign up by SATURDAY MARCH 14.

Participants will be randomly assigned to a team captain aka one of our instructors! Then, based on schedule/number of classes, each captain has been assigned to one of 2 'host teams'. TEAM WHEEL VS. TEAM HOUSE. You know community is our #1 focus, so we want to expose everyone to as many new friends as possible to help everyone feel supported and connected for these 3 weeks and beyond. Team Wheel and Team House will ultimately be duking it out for the top spot and the coveted bragging rights.

Each week 2 teams from opposing host teams will go head to head. Week 1 will be randomly assigned, but for weeks 2&3 we will look at total point values to find the most competitive match ups. This means that you may go against the same team more than once, which differs from years past, but the question is, can you beat them more than once...? The teams will compete in various ways for points. At the end of the week, the team in the match up with the most points wins a point for their host team. At the end of regulation, whichever host team as the most match up wins, wins March Madness 2020. BUT, there are a couple other things going on at the same time.

MONDAY APRIL 6th is the finals. The 2 teams (regardless of which host team they are on) with the highest cumulative point total will go head to head in a one day, winner take all final. The slates will be wiped, each time starts at 0 and you will have 4 classes to make something magical happen.

So we have a host team winner, we have an individual team winner AND we have a MVR winner. MVR? Most Valuable Rider of course! At the end of regulation, each captain is going to submit a plea to the ref (Jenn) as to who they believe their MVR is. Based on sitting back and watching the madness unfold, the ref will select one of the nominees for a 3rd additional prize. The MVR isn't necessarily the one who rides the most, but the one who hustles, has fun, and goes above and beyond to be better for themselves and their team. All winners will be announced Tuesday April 7th at the conclusion of competition.

So here is how to you win...

>any ride= 1 pt

>riding with a captain on your host team= 2pts

>captain sell out=3 pts (If Jenn sells out, her 3pts goes to the highest represented team in that specific class)

>winning battle day= 3pts (battle days will be randomly selected this year, so you never know when you're going to have to show up)

>late cancel/no show= -5 pts :)

*there will be multiple bonus challenges over the 3 weeks which will be worth different point values which we will announce ahead of time.

> here is a new one: every Monday, after every class there will be a push up contest. as many as you can do with no stopping. full blown big girl (or boy) push ups. once you have completed them, write in your number on your team's designated box on the scoreboard. each monday night we will tally up the total number of push ups and the team with the highest total will earn 3pts.

>in years past, match up winners earn 5pts as a head start for the following week, but this year, Ref. Jenn will reward the 5pts to ONE team who she believes worked the hardest in and out of the saddle. we are always watching so you gotta be on your game the whole time.

Week one will be a short week, so you can bet we are going to come out HOTT, but moving forward, match ups will begin fresh on MONDAYS, so plan accordingly.

What about these stickers I keep hearing about...

We know, this is truly the only reason you do March Madness, and it is Staples favorite part because we clean them out of star stickers, and we love every second of it. The scoreboard will be hung in the studio and will serve as home base for everything March Madness. It will have all the standings, all the bonus opportunities, all the point break downs, all the rules, everything you need to know in one spot.

Riders are responsible for adding the appropriate stickers to the scoreboard at the time of class/challenge completion. You cannot go back and give yourself points for past events because you forgot...tough luck, you will just have to make up for it. The desk staff will be in charge of the bonus points, the battle day points and the dreaded no show stickers. We implement the honor system and trust that no one would ever dream of wrongfully adding underserved stickers, and the desk staff has their eyes on you, so no funny business... :)

March Madness is designed to spark a little hustle during a season that it's easy to start dragging during, but more than that it is designed to bring people together, bring some fun to all your hard work and just see what we can do in 3 weeks. It is a competition that brings out the best in everyone and we love watching people tackle personal goals, push limits and find strengths they didn't know they had. All with the support of 80+ people cheering them on. The one thing to remember is that March Madness truly is for everyone, so we really encourage anyone even remotely interested to take the leap- you literally have nothing to lose, but believe us, there is a lot to gain.

If you have any questions at all, please chat with us, we can clear everything up, but if you are set to go, make sure you get on the list and prepare for the best 3 weeks ever! LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

**those who are interested in kicking it up a notch, can purchase our MARCH MADNESS UNLIMITED package. It will run from 3/16-4/7 for $100. You do not need to purchase this, there is no cost to join in on the fun, it is just an option available to you. If you do wish to purchase it, please e-mail info@whcycling.com**

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