'tis the season!

March Madness is back, baby, and it's going to be better than ever! Those of you who are newer to the studio may not quite understand our excitement over March Madness, but we believe you will soon get it. If you have played along with us in the past, we are mixings things up a bit, but one thing we aren't changing is the energy we are ready to bring! We are taking the idea of team bonding and friendly competition and deepening it to further build on our studio camaraderie (which you know is our absolute favorite part of WheelHouse). We are once again going to blur the lines of friendship, create rivals, and battle 'til the death, but this time you will be part of a larger community who has your back.

If you are usually someone to shy away from our studio competitions, you should really look twice at this one. This is the perfect competition to get your feet wet with because, while we want you to hold yourself to a high standard and push yourself past your "limits", you have a group of badass riders there to lift you up and pick up your slack when you need it. Whether you ride once a week or seven days a week with doubles, every single rider has something to contribute to March Madness, which is just one reason we are obsessed with it. This is not an individual do or die, ride or lose, this is getting to know the riders who sweat next to you everyday, getting outside your comfort zone, pushing yourself, supporting your town and having a whole lot of fun along the way. So if you are at all considering it...DO IT, trust us.

So, how does it work?

Our March Madness schedule will follow the standard NCAA basketball March Madness timeline...only we are going to have waaaaaay more fun (unless bball is your thing, but I still dare you to find a better competition). 3 weeks of grit, grind and rivalry leading up to a ONE DAY final. Competition begins Sunday March 17 and concludes Sunday April 7th. Those who wish to participate must sign up by Thursday March 14th by e-mailing us, signing up in studio, or by clicking HERE.

Each participant will be randomly assigned to a team captain, aka, one of our instructors! Here is where it differs from past years. Each captain is going to be part of a larger team aka the bigger community we were talking about. Team Wheel and Team House will ultimately be duking it out for the top spot and a whole lot of bragging rights. We will touch on this more when we talk point breakdowns, but ultimately 2 teams, from rivals teams, go head to head each week. At the end of each week, the winners of each match up earn that win for their big team. Most wins=Winner...but individual teams are going to want to make sure they are pumping their own point totals..it's going to matter.

So, how do we win?

Each week, 2 teams from rival teams (Wheel and House) go head to head. The team with the highest number of points that week earns a WIN for their larger team, and 5 bonus points for their individual team. Because there are essentially 2 competitions going on at once, each reward from winning your match up really matters and is really important. At the end of regulation (3 weeks), whichever team, Team Wheel or Team House, has the most match up wins, wins March Madness 2019. But...that's not the end of it. Sunday April 7th is the finale and the hunt for MVT, Most Valuable Team. During the finale, the 2 individual teams with the highest cumulative point totals go head to head in a one day battle, get as many points as you can, winner takes all. This is a blank slate, not bigger team attachments and no previous points matter. The 2 teams are independent in the finals, which means they can both be from Team Wheel, Team House, or one of each.

So the big team with the most number of match up wins will win a prize, as well as the team that wins the finale. BUT because that wasn't enough this year, there is one more way to win. Due to an odd number of Captains, Jenn is bowing out again this year to be referee...but we all know can't stay out of it (Team Jenn was the original March Madness winner, but thats neither here nor there). Jenn is going to pick one MVR (most valuable rider) at the end of the competition who she believes went above and beyond to help their team, push themselves, and over all just represent what March Madness is all about. That MVR will also be getting a special prize when announced at the end of the finale.

point breakdown:

>every ride - 1pt

>riding with a captain on your team - 2pts

>when a captain rides - 2pts

>captain sell out - 3pts (If Jenn sells out a class, her 3pts will go to the team with the highest number of riders in that specific class)

>winning a battle day - 3pts

**battle days will be Monday of every week. we will look at the total number of riders who rode in any class that day from each of the matched up teams. the team with the biggest showing wins...so, never miss a monday.

>late cancel/no-shows - -3pts

>winning random bonus challenges will be worth varied amounts throughout the competition

As in the past, there will be scoreboards in the studio that will service as home base for the competition. Everything and anything you may need to know will be posted there as well as all current standings and...THE STICKERS. The real reason people play (we know), Each Sunday, teams will start fresh again and riders are responsible for recording their progress and awarding the appropriate stickers when deserved. If you do not add your sticker at the time of your class...tough luck, you cannot go back and get credit for it, you will juts have to ride again :) Jenn and the desk team will handle all the dreaded no-show stickers, battle day stickers, and all random bonus stickers. We are trusting the honor system and know that no one would ever dream of wrongfully adding underserved stickers...and the desk staff will have eyes on you, so no funny business ;)

March Madness is truly the definition of work hard play hard, and we cannot wait to get going once again. Last year we had over 70 riders and we would love to recruit even more crazies to join us on this wild ride! It is a great excuse to make new spin friends, try new classes, step outside your comfort zone, all while knowing you have the support of your teammates and the riders around you. If you have any questions or hesitations at all, talk to us! We will clear everything up and trust us when we say March Madness is for everyone, you won't want to be the one missing out once this gets going, trust us. WE CANNOT WAIT TO START!

**Those who want to go all in for March Madness can purchase our MARCH MADNESS UNLIMITED package. It will run from 3/17-4/7 for $100. You do not need to purchase this package to participate, it is just an option available to you. if you do wish to purchase it, please e-mail us.

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