holiday hustle 3.0

We all know this time of year is chaotic to say the least, and often times the first thing that gets cut from a busy day is our workouts. However, this is the time of year we need it most. Not just because of all the goodies that are coming our way, but our mental state relies on the release and endorphines. So naturally, as usual, our Holiday Hustle Challenge is designed to keep you on track and riding right through the rest of 2018. It is designed to help avoid the "I'll just wait until the New Year" nonsense. You have been crushing your saddle for 11 months...WHY, WHY, WHY would you throw that away when the finish line is in sight?!? (you wouldn't, and you wont this year!)

But, aside from the standard riding challenges, we are going to take this opportunity to give back a little bit. We love to have you in the bike room with us more than anything, and that is going to still play a very dominant roll in this years Holiday Hustle (DUH), but given the recent events and the hit our neighbors and local businesses took, we are going to take our community outside our 4 walls. We are going to encourage you to deepen your relationship you have with your spin friends by grabbing a drink after your Thursday night class, or making Saturday mornings a girls day with a nice mani/pedi after Kristen and Erin make you work, or getting a little holiday shopping done and spreading holiday cheer around town to help make Andover thrive again!


Holiday Hustle 3.0 will be a play on last year's BINGO, only this year it is going to be broken down into 6 weeks (Thanksgiving-New Years)

1) Grab a game board in studio

2) Start tackling your weekly tasks. You will have SWEAT boxes which will be your riding category, and you will have SOCIAL boxes which will get you out in the community and having a little fun...thats allowed too yano! The SOCIAL boxes will require proof for us to give you credit for it, although we totally trust you. When you are completing a SOCIAL box, upload a picture of yourself to Facebook or Instagram, tag us (and the business you are at) and use #WHholidayhustle. It is VERY important you do this because if we don't see it, we can't give you credit for it! We will be having a running list when we see photos uploaded, but also feel free to show the desk your post to earn your stamp.

3) Get your stamps. Just like with BINGO we will stamps those boards for you. You are welcome to leave the board in studio with us, or take them with you, whichever is more convenient for you.

4) Complete 3/6 SURPRISE boxes. Surprise boxes will be announced each Wednesday in our weekly you better keep an eye on those. Like the SWEAT and SOCIAL boxes, the SURPRISE box can only be completed the week it is announced, so don't sleep on those. However, you only need 3 to be eligible for the prize.

5) Anyone who has 35 boxes (plus 3 surprise boxes) complete by 1/1 will turn their board in for us to double check and collect to pick our winner!


There will be one grand prize awarded to the rider with the most squares filled, so even if you hit 35, keep going! Of the boards we collect with 35 completed boxes, we will pick 3 additional prize winners! We have some good prizes in the works so trust's going to be worth it.

Game boards will be available in studio Monday 11/19 and we start hustling Wednesday 11/22. You can join in on the fun at any time, but the goal will still be 35 boxes.


1) There is no cost to participate in this challenge, however, if you are interested, we are offering a Holiday Hustle UNLIMITED package that will be active from 11/21-1/1. This package will be 6 weeks of riding for $185. If you would like to take advantage of this package, e-mail (current class packages cannot be held or extended, student/teacher discounts cannot be applied on top of this deal)

2) Each task can only satisfy 1 box. For example if there is a "RIDE" box and a "Take a 6am" box in the same week, and you ride in a 6am, you can only stamp that box.

3) Tasks have to be completed the week they are assigned. You do not have to complete every task each week in order to move on, it will be a cumulative total, but you cannot go back to a previous week, or jump in the moment.

4) You cannot go back and get a stamp if you forget to get it at the time of task completion, you will just have to do it again :)

5) Game boards must be turned in by 1/2 to be eligible for prizes, and the winners will be announced Friday 1/4.

We will have a breakdown of the rules on the game boards so you can keep track of everything, but any questions...let us know! Otherwise...let's get ready to HUSTLE!

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