it's back...the return of MARCH MADNESS

You didn't think we forgot about all the fun we had last year did you? March Madness 2.0 is coming and we could not be more excited! For those of you who didn't participate last year..buckle up, it's about to be a wild ride! We once again are going to take our everyday camaraderie (which we LOVE and appreciate) and turn it on its head, blurring the lines of friendship, creating rivalries and battling to the end.

Our March Madness schedule will follow the standard NCAA Basketball March Madness schedule...only we are going to have waaaaay more fun (unless bball is your thing, but I still dare you to find a better competition). 3 weeks of tough grit, grind and rivalry leading up to the ONE DAY final. Competition begins Monday March 12 and concludes Monday April 2nd. Those who wish to participate must sign up by Friday March 9th by e-mailing us, signing up in studio, or clicking HERE! On Saturday March 10th, all participating riders will be randomly assigned to a team coached by none other than your trusty instructors! Team Jenn took the title last year (thanks to my kick-a$$ ladies who TRIPLED), and due to an odd number of teams, will be retiring- but don't worry, I have something up my sleeve, I will be involved ;)

Those of you who typically shy away from our competitions, we encourage you to get your feet wet with this one. The team aspect of March Madness takes personal pressure off you because you have a group of supporting teammates to pick you up if you fall off. Whether you ride 1 time or 7 times a week, there is something you can contribute and something you can get out of this. While it is designed to have us push our boundaries, it won't be all about how many classes you make it to, so everyone will definitely have a purpose!

So how do you win you ask? Great question:

Each week 2 teams will go head-to-head. The team that earns the highest number of points that week will receive an additional 5 points to their overall total AND be entered to win a pretty sweet prize at the end. Every week you win, your team is entered into the winners pool and your chances of winning that raffle are increased. You want to win your matchup because the 2 teams at the end of regulation with the best records will head to the finals. Should we need a tie-breaker, points will be considered.


1. every ride = 1pt

2. every time your coach rides = 1pt

3. riding in your coach's class =2pts

4. every time your coach sells out her class = 2pts

5. winning a battle day = 3pts

*battle days will take place every Monday during competition. we will look at the total number of riders who rode in any class of the day from each of the matched up teams. the team with the biggest representation wins 3 extra points. so, it's simple...never miss a monday.

6. every late cancel/no show = -2pts

7. randomly assigned bonus challenges along the way will be worth varied amounts of points

8. every time Jenn sells out a class= 1pt (to the team most represented in her class)

We will have a scoreboard in the studio with all the current standings, bonus point opportunities and anything else you may need to know. This is where everyone's favorite part comes in...the stickers! Every Monday teams start fresh again, and riders are responsible for recording their progress and awarding stickers when deserved. If you do not add your sticker at the time of your class, tough luck, you will have to ride again to get credit :) Jenn will handle all the dreaded no show stickers and highly prized battle day stickers. We are trusting the honor system and ethics will be considered before wrongfully adding stickers, and our front desk will have eyes on you so don't get any ideas... ;)


1. The winner of the one day finals is the overall WheelHouse March Madness winner complete with a pretty awesome prize package AND bragging rights.

2. One team from our winner's pot will also receive a prize pack

3. The team MVP (read to the bottom to see how that can be you)


We know even the GOAT needs a break every once in a while. Because of that, we are allowing every participating rider ONE substitution during competition. They can tap in a non-competing rider at any point to earn a point for their team. The substitue MUST identify themselves at the front desk prior to class and is responsible for their sticker.


At the end of competition, each coach will nominate a team MVP, someone they think really went above and beyond and helped their team succeed, or just simply gave it their all every time they clipped in. Each MVP will earn a special something from us as a token of our appreciation and a reward for their hustle.

March Madness is 3 weeks of hard work, but a ton of fun! We had over 60 riders participate last year and are hoping to exceed that this year! It is a great opportunity to make new spin friends, try new classes and really step outside your comfort zone while being supported by those around you. If you have any questions or hesitations at all, talk to us! We will clear anything up for you, but trust us when we say this is a competition for everyone, creates such a buzz in studio. We CAN'T WAIT to start!

*Those who want to go all in for March Madness can purchase our March Madness UNLIMITED package. It will run from March 11- April 3rd for $100. You do not need to purchase this package to participate, it is just an option available to you. If you would like it, e-mail us! (current class packages/months cannot be frozen or extended).

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