It's cold, it's dark, it is a season where food becomes a focal point, parties are never ending and finding free time becomes harder and harder. All of which makes it even more important to carve out a little time for yourself and your health. You have worked all year to get yourself to the point you are at right now, and we refuse to let you throw away all your hard work and fall in to the dreaded "I'll start in January" hole. So, this years Holiday Hustle is taking a twist and we are vowing to have even more fun while doing something good for us! Cue...BINGO!

Holiday Hustle Bingo will run from November 23-January 1st giving us 40 days to hustle during the hardest time of year. The little challenges along the way are designed to keep us having fun, hustling harder and continuing to put self-care high on our priority list. BINGO boards will be available in studio starting this Friday, 11/17, and will remain available the duration of the contest. You are welcome to join in the fun any time you'd like, but some challenges can be time sensitive to be sure to pay attention to that! We also know you have a ton on your mind this time of year, so we will house any active boards at the studio to avoid you loosing them, however, it will be your responsibility to know which boxes you are fulfilling and bringing the board to the front desk for your stamp! (and don't forget to put your name on it!) You cannot receive credit for a challenge you complete after the fact, so stay on top of it...that's a challenge in itself ;)

Here's how it works:

Each rider interested in participating will pick up a board at the front desk starting 11/17, eligible to start earning stamps 11/23. When a rider completes a challenge on the board, you will get a stamp from the desk and cross off the correct class number on the back! Each class can only fulfill 1 square. For example: If you take a 7:15am that happens to be with Jamie, you must choose which box you would like it to satisfy. Get 5 in a row and you get BINGO! But don't stop there, push the entire 40 days because the more you fulfill, the more you win :)

example of what the board could maybe, sorta, kinda look like, so you know what to expect ;)

So what are you playing for?:

1. For every BINGO (5 completed squares in a row) a rider gets, they will earn 1 FREE week of riding beginning January 1. If you complete multiple BINGOS, the weeks will run consecutively beginning January 1.

2. Any rider who completes their entire board receives 1 FREE month of riding PLUS 10% off your first class pack purchase of 2018 (must be redeemed by 1/31/18, not eligible on year unlimited).

3. Any rider who rides 40 times in 40 days, regardless of how full your board is, will receive 40% off their first class pack purchase of 2018 (must be redeemed by 1/31/18, not eligible on year unlimited).

4. Be the first rider to return your completed board and receive an additional special gift on top of your free month and 10% off!

WOAH, that's a lot of incentive. But even more important than the prizes at the end, is how you will feel knowing you continued to kick butt during the holiday season and are ready to take on 2018 with your best foot forward!

So...who's ready to hustle?? Send us an e-mail, or chat with us during your next class if you have questions, otherwise be on the lookout for the boards in studio and let's get ready to do this!

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