Making an IMPACT through riding

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a follow up to last year's "Pink Ribbon Rides", we will be hosting a day full of IMPACT rides, as we once again partner with our good friends at Susan G. Komen, Southern New England. We love when our passion for fitness can be taken far beyond just a 45 minute ride. When we can give it even more meaning than just a sweat and a few hundred calories burned. We love when we can make an impact by simply doing what we love to do.

We invite you to join us in making an IMPACT on Sunday October 1. We will be hosting 3 donation based rides throughout the morning, complimented by raffles, refreshments and fun! Can't ride? No sweat! We encourage you to poke your head into the studio between 8-11:30am, grab some raffle tickets for some pretty cool prizes, grab a little bite to eat and hang with us. A great chance to spend some time with your favorite fit buddies outside of the saddle! Can't get here at all on Sunday but still want to help? We will be accepting cash donations in studio from 10/1-10/7.

So while our IMPACT rides will occur indoors, there will be hundreds of riders taking to the pavement on October 1 for the official, inaugural Impact ride for Susan G. Komen in the efforts to raise $150,000 in lifesaving cancer research and treatment efforts. We will be pedaling right alongside them, pushing deeper, supporting them from a far, and all working as a cohesive unit to make an impact.

Because we don't do anything that doesn't challenge us, we have decided to set a pretty lofty goal for ourselves. We are determined to raise $1,000 for Susan G. Komen in ONE DAY! So, we will ask you, will you help us make an IMPACT?

All bikes are free to reserve on 10/1, but we are asking for a cash donation, if possible, in return. We also ask that you please respect and abide by our standard cancelation policies and cancel as soon as you know you will not be attending so another rider can take your bike. Please remember we are trying to raise money and make an impact, so every no-show rider could result in loss of funds for Susan G. Komen.

100% of all money raised will be donated directly to Susan G. Komen, Southern New England.

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