Ya'll ready for this?!

It is no secret that my (Jenn's) absolute favorite part of WheelHouse is the community of kick-butt riders that show up, clip in and take off day in and day out. This comradery is what makes WheelHouse what it is, but we are about to shake things up. We are about to create rivalry, battles, and blur the lines of friendship as we go head to head in our first annual March Madness competition. And this time, the instructors are getting involved, and trust me...they mean business.

So here is how it works:

The contest will run the timeline of standard college basketball March Madness, March 12- April 3, only it will be way more exciting (sorry to our bball buffs). Each rider eager to participate must sign up by Saturday March 11th, either in studio, by e-mailing us (info@whcycling.com) or simply by clicking HERE. On March 11, all participants will be randomly assigned to a team. Each team will be coached by an instructor and will have weekly battles leading us straight into the finals.

There will be 3 weeks of competition, capped off by a 2 day, all out, hold nothing back, battle for the title. Each week, 2 teams will duke it out to earn as many points as they can. The winner of each match up will receive 5 bonus points, and the team with the overall highest number of points each week will be awarded a lil' sumthin' extra! So how do you earn these points? Great question!

1. each ride=1 point

2. every time a coach rides=1 point

3. each time a coach sells out their class=2 points

4. riding with your coach=2 points

5. bonus point opportunities (that will come along the way)= 2 points

6. winning your battle day=3 points

7. every no-show or late cancel= -1 point (the real kicker)

So what is a battle day? Every Wednesday we will look at the number of riders who rode, in any class, from each of the matched up teams. Whichever team of the match up had the most riders clip in, wins 3 extra points. It is that simple, don't skip humpday.

We know competition can be grueling, and every once in a while even the best of athletes need a little break, a moment to recharge. We are instituting a 'substitution ride'. Each rider will be allowed 1 chance to tap in a non-competing rider to earn a point for them. However, the rider must identify themselves as the substitute in order to earn the points.

There will be a scoreboard in the studio with all the information you need to know, all the current bonus point opportunities, and all the standings. Every week, each team starts fresh again, so it does not matter how many points you earned in week #1, week #2 is a whole new ball game. However, the team that has the overall highest number of points accumulated at the end, will be rewarded. BUT the true top dog is the one that comes out victorious in our Final. The top 2 teams, based on number of wins, then looking to total accumulated points if necessary, will head to a 2 day final that will follow the same scoring structure. The winner of that will not only earn bragging rights, but they will also be rewarded...handsomely. So, here is a map of what things are going to look like:

We know it sounds like a lot of information, but more importantly it sounds like a lot of FUN, RIGHT?! We always say having a riding buddy is the best way to stay motivated and accountable, and now you are going to have the support of a whole team! This is not just on you like our other competitions have been. If you miss a day, get sick, can't ride, you are not out of this thing, you have a team ready to pick up your slack. Wether you ride 1 or 7 times a week does not matter, there are so many ways to get points and contribute, in and out of the saddle, that whatever every rider can bring is crucial to the operation, all for one and one for all! We can just see the progress now! Whether your friends end up on your team or not, this is a great way to make your time in the studio even more fun, and maybe make a new friend or 2! A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? So let's come together, encourage each other, (maybe challenge or trash talk each other), but, really, continue to deepen our community, and HAVE FUN as we head into spring.

For those looking to do the challenge and really take off, maybe trying to get warm weather ready, we are offering a special promotion. 23 days (3/12-4/3) UNLIMITED for just $90. You do not have to purchase this package in order to participate, but if you would like to hit the ground running, e-mail info@whcycling.com and we will get you set up.

If you have any questions at all, or are ready to join in, e-mail info@whcycling.com by Saturday March 11th. And if you find yourself on Team Jenn...GET READY, I want the crown!

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