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Jaime and Lauren here to bring you the latest instructor spotlight!

The wheels behind WheelHouse. It’s our girl Jenn’s birthday, so we thought we’d celebrate by putting her in the spotlight. Finally our chance to ask all those burning questions. Grab some wine and sit back while we get to know Jenn a little better.

Jenn’s a valentine's day baby, which makes her an Aquarius. According to your daily horoscope, brought to you by snapchat, Aquarius are deep thinkers and highly intellectual people who love helping others; and I think we can all agree Jenn is exactly that. From her motivational speeches during her feel good songs (“today marks page 16 of your 365 day book. It is not too late to start writing the ending how you want it to be”) to her loving hellos and how are yous, Jenn has truly helped every rider who has walked through the doors feel better, faster and stronger. Not only have her inspiring words helped each and every one of us, but this humanitarian has also hosted countless free rides and private events to raise money for various charities and causes.

1) Hills or Sprints?

Hills, all day, everyday. I love the feeling of creating power and building strength. Fast feet aren’t my thing, so I save those for our speed demons ;)

Well Jenn, you definitely know how to work those hills. Although we hate you in the moment, thank you for reminding us that behind the burn, the change we showed up for is happening.

As a warning to riders… we suggest you avoid any stairs for at least 2 hours after Jenn’s class!

2) What’s your best advice to beginners?

Just try it. Whether it is a first class, a higher hill, new choreography or a sprint up in 2, you don’t know what it is like until you just try. And never be afraid to ask for help! it is why we are here, and we love feeling needed ;). Unsure about bike set up, or what a specific move is supposed to be working, or how to modify…ASK! Everything has a purpose and is intended for a specific reason so making sure you are doing it right is safe and more effective.

You only get 45 minutes a day to make a strong better you, so take advantage of every pedal stroke, cause each one makes a difference! Like Jenn said, don’t be afraid to ask us for help, or try something new - what's the worst that can happen, you have to ride it out for a few beats or take some resistance off? … And remember, none of us are perfect, we all have aspects of our ride that we can improve (even Jenn), it’s what keeps us coming back!

3) Did you ever imagine opening your own studio?

I never actually saw it becoming a reality, but it is something that I could always see myself doing, but more in a fantasy land. I have had a passion for fitness since I was a little kid, so I knew that was going to be involved in my profession somehow, but business was never something I thought about. But now I can truly agree with the cliche quote, find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. The studio is more like home to me, and all of the instructors, desk staff and riders are just my friends and family that pop in and out. I absolutely love it.

And we absolutely love you! Thank you for taking a risk and following your dreams; and for continually creating an environment where we can let loose and be the best versions of ourselves. We think we speak for all the riders and staff when we say, WheelHouse has become home to us as well.

4) What’s your favorite part about running WheelHouse?

The people, without a doubt. I have surrounded myself with an absolute rockstar team who have turned into some of my best friends always willing to lend a hand. And even beyond them are the riders they have drawn to our humble adobe. I love knowing about rider’s vacations, kid’s soccer games and how their day at school was. People ask me why I go in Saturday’s when I don’t teach and have a fully staffed desk, and the true answer is because I have FOMO. I get jealous knowing all my favorite people are together and I am not there. So yes, I make excuses to be there.

Did we mention Jenn was an Aquarius? Aquarius are also extremely good listeners and are known for providing the best advice. On average, over 60 people pass through the WheelHouse doors a day, and Jenn is always right there with a warm hello and a smile...oh and that small detail about your life you shared with her three Tuesdays ago, yep she remembers and will ask you about it.

And don’t worry Jenn, even when you’re not there, we all know you’re there … yes, we’re talking about the countless sticky notes and messages you leave around the studio.

5) What were you doing before Wheelhouse?

I was working as an Under Armour apparel rep and event coordinator for UA football camps across the country.

Did someone say apparel?!... Jenn, think you could hook us up with some gear?

6) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“It goes both ways”. You have highs and you have lows, that is life, but you don’t know the highs until you have had the lows. Its an extremely meaningful quote to me for multiple reasons that I had it tattooed on my wrist. As much as I would like to say it was my rebel phase, my dad took me. I think this one speaks for itself.

7) What’s your favorite song on your itunes?

If you had asked me about 2 months ago (which is actually when you did ask me and I have just been putting this off) i would have said without a doubt, hands down, “Dreams” by Life of Dillion, the Lost Kings remix. If you take my class, I can almost guarantee you have closed class with it, I just love the beat and the message. Also, on top for me now is “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran for again the beat and the message. It is all about coming back home and that feeling of being where you belong, and being an Andover girl who never really saw herself coming back to town, I now can’t see myself being anywhere else.

Wow, we for sure thought you would have said your “All I Want for Christmas X Crank That Soulja Boy” remix.

One other major characteristics of Aquarius is that they live and breath music, which is definitely apparent in all of Jenn’s killer playlists.

8) Who is your celebrity crush?

Jordan Speith. I cannot get myself into golf for the life of me, but you better believe I had tickets to see him play when the tour came to Boston. (and then my boyfriend shattered my heart by pointing out his girlfriend. But that’s just a minor detail.)

Not going to lie, golf is pretty boring; however, it does make things a little more interesting when you have some eye candy to look at.

9) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Well I don’t think any of us saw that coming.

10) Rachel, Monica or Pheobe?

If you are asking who I am most like, it really depends on who you ask. My brother’s will tell you I’m Phoebe, anyone who knows my obsession with clean towels and a vacuumed bike room will tell you I’m Monica, and I would like to think I’m the Rachel. Who wouldn’t want to have a glamorous Ralph Lauren job, be known for your iconic hair and date such a cutie like Tag??

I think we can all agree Jenn’s got a little bit of each in her personality which makes her the best person to get pretty much anything done. Need a good laugh? Need cleaning advice? Interested in some of the best online shopping stores? Jenns got us all covered.

11) It’s Friday night and you don’t have to teach Saturday, what are you drinking?

I’m a sucker for a good (and when I say good, I mean $10 twist off) glass of pinot noir. But if I am really looking to let my hair down, I love the Paloma from our neighbors, 15 SX. Tequila and grapefruit juice. And yes, they squeeze the grapefruit in front of you

Calm and sophisticated, yet at the same time, a little a bit crazy... kinda like Jenn’s ride! One minute you’re settling back into a 4 minute hill climb, letting the music drive you all the way to the top, and the next minute you’re flying down the backside of the hill hitting some jumps along the way!... And once we get to the bottom, we’ll see you across the street for one of those Palomas!

12) What superhero power do you wish you had? What would you do with it?

I would love to be invisible. So many conversations I would love to be a part of that I would only be granted access to if no one knew I was there!

Being a fly on the wall would definitely have its perks. For instance, we might be able to sneak a peek at an upcoming class before deciding to hit the saddle. But then again sometimes ‘ignorance is bliss’.

13) What’s the best pick up line you’ve heard (did it work on you?)

If by best, you mean worst they came back to back and no, they did not work. The first one was “ Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?, enough to break the ice, hi I’m______”. and that was quickly followed up with “Do you know how much a penguin weighs?, not enough to break the ice so I will do it for him, hi i’m____”. So I was introduced to the drooling gentleman twice in 45 seconds and then kindly removed myself from the situation.

Clearly Jenn’s a hot commodity in an out of the saddle!

And there it is folks, a brief look inside the actual brain of WheelHouse. She knows your shoe size, your favorite song, and your kids favorite color, and now we all know she loves oatmeal and wine!...So everybody head to your local grocery store and buy Jenn a birthday gift we know she will love!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN! We are so happy for this day, because without you, WheelHouse would not exist, and that is something we simply cannot fathom. You have made WheelHouse a home away from home for so many of us, and no amount of oatmeal can repay you for that.

We hope you have the best birthday ever, you deserve it! WE LOVE YOU!!!

PS. If you haven’t had the chance to yet, make sure you check Jenn out in the saddle Sunday-Friday (we suppose we’ll give you one day off Jenn).

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