FALL INTO FITNESS: how to stay organized, motivated, and kicking butt this fall.

Summer '16 has officially come to an end, and the start of football season, a few crisp mornings, and the panic of seeing the school bus outside officially signify the start of fall. Gone for now are the days of Cape traffic, dips in the lake, and no homework!!! The focus shifts to routine, to responsibility and to the feeling of 'how the heck did I have time for everything??". Well, we have a few tips on how to make the most of your fall and how to keep health and fitness a priority when the chaos sets in.

1. Technology is great, but try the old fashion paper planner

It may sound old school, but having a planner is hands down the best way to make sure all your ducks are in a row. We know, that little hand-held device rules your life, but trust us, and the experts- physically writing something down helps the brain to remember it, which already puts you ahead of the game. Also, it allows you to see your whole day in one view. You can see when the bus is coming, when the plumber is scheduled to arrive, when that big meeting is, and when you need to be home for dinner. Road mapping your day also allows you to see your free time and helps you find when you can sneak in a sweat. The key to getting through the day is giving yourself that time to release and reset. Don't put the workouts on the back burner, they are saving your life! We try to fit into those rare moments of free time by offering a range of class times. Sign up ahead of time, put it in your calendar, refuse to cancel on us and yourself, and you will be set for a strong, productive day!

2. Buddy system

By now it is no surprise we fully support and encourage the idea of a fitness friend. Everything is more fun with a friend, and when you have someone to share the pain with it makes it all that much better! Try to commit to "fit dates" with friends or significant others to help hold yourself accountable. You wouldn't cancel on your boss, so don't cancel on your spin pal! Working out with a friend helps make it feel like something fun and social, rather than work and torture. Schedule the class, then make a day of it-head to the coffee shop, get a mani, or grab a drink at happy hour....you earned it after all!

3. Use your time wisely

Plain and simple, if you hate something, you will dread it and easily find reasons to bail. Whether it be the style of workout, the friends you have that go, or an instructor who inspires you, if you like it, you will stick with it. Your time is valuable, don't waste it. And also know, it doesn't have to be long to be beneficial. You can really pack a punch in just 45 minutes if you gear up and get going! Fully commit to your time, press pause on your life. Leave your phone behind, forget the screaming kid you left with Grandma, and focus on what you are doing-you will be better for it. Then you can go back to the madness!

4. Become an early bird

After a long day at work, the couch, Netflix and a glass of wine may seem like a better idea than working out. If you find you are constantly fighting this internal battle, wake up and start your day with a good sweat. Early morning workouts help keep you on track, rev up your metabolism and help keep your energy high. Make it easy on yourself by laying out your clothes the night before, so all you have to do is wake up and kick butt. Some people find their time in the morning while the rest of the world is sleeping to be their most beneficial hour of the day. So give it a shot. And trust us, it does get easier to wake up before the sun, you just have to make a habit of it!

5. Don't go more than 3 days without exercise

Life happens, we fall off the wagon, we skip a class, we stress eat watching Jimmy G. go down, and we get out of sync. It is all about balance, it is going to happen. What is important to remember is that every day you wake up is a day to start fresh and start strong. Don't let yourself go more than 3 days without some sort of exercise (unless injury is to blame). Allowing yourself too many days off makes it much harder to re-establish a habit. Stay committed, stay focused, but don't forget to live a little.

So while there is no exact science on how to juggle everything, we hope these pointers offer a little help. There are days when we feel like we can conquer the world, and there are days we throw our keys away at Starbucks. Just roll with the punches. Remember that fitness is not a punishment but a chance at self betterment. No matter what you have going on, on a given day, you deserve a little "me-time". It is okay to be selfish every once in a while. Make fitness a priority. Plus, if you are working out you will have endorphins, be in a better mood and everyone will be happy! Your friends and family are going to benefit from your time in the saddle too ;)

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