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You know her, you love her (you sometimes hate her), but no matter what you will always walk out of her class with tired legs, a red face and dripping sweat. Erin is no stranger to our riders, especially those early birds, but, do you ever wonder what this superwoman does off the bike and outside the WheelHouse walls? We once again asked those hard hitting questions you have been dying to know the answers to! Keep reading for a look into our final background check. WheelHouse, meet Erin:

1) What is your zodiac sign?

Virgo. Erin falls into this category in one major way. She is a modest gal through and through. She is so hardworking, somewhat of an overachiever (I mean, have you seen her arms???), but will never boast or brag about her accomplishments. It probably comes as no surprise she runs a marathon in the blink of an eye, but you'd never know because she'll never brag about I will for her! Side note: Erin said adding spinning to her marathon training helped her shave off 14 minutes!! Take note runners!

2) Are you superstitious? If so, how?

YES! Ok, I probably shouldn't share this, but I eat 3 chocolate glazed munchkins and drink a coffee before every morning class I teach. I also always wear the same sports bra for my long runs outside. It's a magical bra that allows me to run fast. And this is what I mean...sometimes you hate her, right??? Munchkins before class and she still looks like that?? Freak of nature. But I can vouch for this superstition, one day they gave her regular glazed instead of chocolate and she was all out of sorts. Claims it was the worst class she's ever taught, but I'm sure you guys didn't notice a thing, or she made you pay ;)

3) What is your guilty pleasure?

Reality TV! I love Bravo (Real Housewives obsessed) who isn't?? and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It allows me to disconnect from my reality and get caught up in theirs. Sometimes it's nice to realize you are actually a little more sane than you initially thought, we got you Erin!

4) Hills or Sprints?

Sprints all day long baby- especially in third position! Anyone surprised by this? Didn't think so. Our resident speed demon will do anything to get you to push those legs, and while it may hurt, burn and you may want to kill her, after it always feels so good! Trust her...she knows what she's doing.

5) What is the best advice you have ever received?

Comparing yourself to others is wasted energy, tell yourself you're worth it...and believe it. There is not much more to say than that. She nailed it with this one. Don't ever shift focus off yourself, while you are clipped in, you are the only thing that matters. Each class is a personal achievement. It doesn't matter if your neighbor finishes the entire arm song, or moves their legs a little faster than yours, everyday you get stronger, for you. It is YOUR journey, remember that.

6) When you aren't in the saddle, what are you doing?

I am a Family Resource Social Worker for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as a personal trainer. Great arms, even better heart. Erin always says the fitness+Social Work is a necessary combination. It allows her to blow off some steam, relieve some stress and clear her mind after countless tough days. The State thanks Erin for her work in the office, and we thank her for our work in the saddle!

7) What is your all time favorite song to ride to?

PYT by Michael Jackson. Not only is it my favorite song to ride to, but it's my favorite to sing out loud and dance to! Any MJ fans in the house? If you've been to a class of Erin's you know she's always good for a tribute to the King of Pop, maybe her next class can be a karaoke ride starring her!

8) What is one thing you never leave the house without?

My phone, lip gloss and a gym bag with workout clothes just in case I feel the urge to take a class somewhere. Told ya...overachiever. This fitchick never slows down and she's got the bod and the stamina to prove it. And,while she may never leave her house without her cell phone, she's been known to leave it behind at this House every once in a while. Just as her co-workers...I've got their numbers on speed dial ;) And, obviously, her lip gloss is poppin'.

9) How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by using a variety in my workouts. I change my workouts up as often as I can to prevent boredom and plateauing. I have found working out with other trainers, or have another trainer train me, to be particularly beneficial. Someone else can usually push you harder than you can push yourself. It is also nice to not have to be the one to plan the workout for a change. I usually learn new ideas to use in my classes and on personal training clients. Teachers are always students. It is why you will usually catch another instructor riding, we all learn from each other to get new ideas, new music, and a fresh perspective!

10) If you could spend one day with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Donald Trump-just kidding! Hands down, Tom Brady. I want to know more about that fancy diet of his and also maybe just stare at him for a few hours. I wonder if Tom Brady eats 3 chocolate munchkins before every game...#foodforthought

I mean...what else could you possibly want to know about our girl Erin?? Well, if something comes to mind you will just have to ask her yourself. You can catch Erin in the saddle Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am, and Saturday mornings at 7:30 and 9am.

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