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If you aren't an after work rider, you may not have had the pleasure of hitting the beat with Kristen, but after you learn more about her, we may be able to convince you to be a night owl. Kristen is giggly and care-free before the class starts, but once those doors close she is all business- in the best possible way. This calming force will lead you up and down, in and out, and everywhere in between, all in just 45 minutes! Read on to see what Kristen's life is like both on and off that stage!

1) What is your zodiac sign?

I'm a summer baby-Virgo! And here we go...right off the bat, Virgo's are methodical-mic drop- that is Kristen. Each of her classes carefully crafted and presented in such a methodical manner you will always know where you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to be doing it. Aside from that, Virgo's are kind, hardworking, and possess well defined goals. Check, check, check. Side note: Virgo women are most compatible with Taurus and Capricorn men...just sayin' guys ;)

2) What did you want to be when you grew up?

It was my dream to go to Harvard and become a lawyer. I think I watched Legally Blonde too many times. Well, she may not have become a lawyer, but she has made fitness a part of her life, and as we all know, "exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy , and happy people just don't kill their husbands, they just don't", and thats a good thing!

3) Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, but my ice cream has to be vanilla :) If it works for you girl, do you...just wondering if this is methodical, or if you are differentiating yourself from the rest of the virgos...

4) What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

I sang in front of 500 people a few times in high school- definitely a scary, but liberating experience! So, you can all expect to see a live class coming to a Tuesday/Thursday night soon- we will test those pipes!

5) What piece of advice would you give to someone trying indoor cycling for the first time?

Just show up and have a positive attitude! Leave your fears and apprehensions at the door. That bike can take you to some pretty amazing places if you let it. Give it your all and you will get something out of each and every class. Nothing to add there- more than half the battle is mentally and physically getting to class- the rest will unfold on its own.

6) One thing you cannot leave the house without?

Cell phone, gum, and always a sweater of some sort because I'm always freezing.

7) What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

What's meant for you will always find its way. Everything and everyone we have encountered in life is there to make us stronger. Everything happens for a reason-trust your gut and do it your way!

8) Guilty pleasure?

Growing my Lululemon Collection :) guilty as charged...but we can help you justify it...its your uniform, it's more of a need than a want...?

9) Favorite summertime activity?

I love going to country shows all year, but there's something about a good tailgate outside that makes it even better! Truth! summer is made for country- anyone who missed our country night theme ride is highly encouraged to find a concert to go to this summer to make up for it!

10) In the ongoing saga-Taylor of Kanye?

TSwift all day, erryday! Shake it off, Kanye ;)

So there you have it, without a doubt, the 10 facts you have been dying to know about Kristen. This Legally Blonde loving, Lululemon wearing, chocolate, but vanilla ice cream Virgo is Taylor Swifts biggest fan, and our Tuesday/Thursday night go-to girl. Check her out!

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