A look back at our first week in the saddle

A look back on our very first week in the saddle…

Monday night was a restless one…will people show up? Will they like the décor? Will they enjoy the style of ride? Is there a need for indoor cycling in Andover? Do I have enough shoe sizes? Will the speakers work? Will my instructors be on time? Will I find people that share this passion with me within the community? Did I remember to throw away all my Perfectos trash? Some of the thousands of thoughts that went through my head as I tried to force my brain to shut off and fall asleep.

5:10am…OH S*%& I slept through my alarm. No…this was not a nightmare or a joke, it was real life. For over a year I have woken up at 4:45am, with nothing more than your typical sigh as I plant my feet on the ground and start my day. Well, on the morning of arguably the most important day of my life so far, I did the unthinkable…hit the snooze button in my sleep and dozed off for a half an hour.

Naturally, I woke up in a panic…had a minor (ok, major) melt down, but was up and out the door in less than 3 minutes. I sped down 93 from Wakefield (thank god there were no cops) and made it here just after 5:30am. Frantically came into the studio to find my curtains had fallen to the ground and it was so dark in the bike room I couldn’t make my way to the lights without a struggle. Well, the lights went on, the sound system was plugged in, Erin was mic’d up, I put my curtains back, logged into the system, lit the candle, took what felt like my first breath all morning long, and on the exhale the very first rider walked through the WheelHouse doors.

At that moment, everything felt natural and almost calm. The first class ended and 11 red and sweaty faces walked out of the room with a smile on their face…mission accomplished- it was exactly what I had hoped would happen.

The rest of the day went on like this. I taught at 9:30am to a packed house full of energy, and to a dedicated 5:45pm class even my dad couldn’t resist. (Ok, he was forced, but he claims he liked it!) But, the first day, and the ones to follow weren’t ‘easy’ and fun because I knew what I was doing; it was because of you guys, the riders.

Every single person who has walked through this door in our 7 days of business has brought energy, motivation, inspiration, determination, and…sweat (yeah, I clean the towels, I know how hard you guys are working). It is because of you that I feel like I’m afloat.

Have there been some glitches? Of course, we definitely aren’t perfect, but it’s all about how you recover and go from here. As I look at the numbers for classes in the coming weeks I am humbled and blown away. Well duh, Jenn, free classes who wouldn’t take advantage of that? But free or not, you have made this part of your routine. You have dedicated 45 minutes to yourself, and in today’s day, that’s hard to do. You have kids, pets, spouses, jobs, school, and everything else, but you have managed to commit to you, even if it is just those 45 minuets when you are in that room. That’s what keeps me going. I know that if you guys can get up for Caitlin’s 5:30am, then so can I.

My vision for WheelHouse was never just to be a studio. I wanted to build a community. I want people to catch up with friends in our waiting room, or make another regular rider a workout buddy that you can’t let down (pressure is on when someone is waiting for you...talk about accountability) or be a place where people can just come in and shut down the outside world for 45 minutes and kick butt. That, you have done.

So the only thing I ask of you is that you return class after class for you. Because you feel good when you walk in these doors and you feel strong when you walk out. Indoor cycling is all about baby steps. Each class gets better and better (no, I am never going to take it easy on you…sorry, I turn into a whole new person inside that studio, too), but if you felt overwhelmed, or confused, its going to get better. It’s all about the journey in life and on that bike. One pedal stroke at a time we will grow WheelHouse to exactly what the community needs.

I could not have done what we have done so far without you guys and I challenge you to stay on my team. Continue to commit to you, to your health and fitness priorities, and to your well-being. If you haven’t been to a class yet…get your booty in here and see what it is everyone is talking about. One week down, many, many, many more to go.

Show up. Clip in. Take off.

There is no room for doubt in this house.

Jenn and the WheelHouse Team

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