class packages
first ride- FREE
expires 14 days from purchase date
single ride $20
expires 14 days from purchase date
5 rides $95
expire 60 days from purchase date
10 rides $170
expire 90 days from purchase date
20 rides $280
expire 6 months from purchase date
monthly UNLIMITED $150
expires 1 month from purchase date
group rides

Corporate outings, birthday parties, fundraisers, GNO, team bonding, team conditioning, or anything else, we are here to help!  Host your next event at WheelHouse.

for more information or to book your group ride, e-mail




reservation and waitlist policy:


• All class packages are non-refundable and may not be shared between multiple people.  Each rider must have his/her own account and his/her own classes to use.


• Rides can be reserved both online and in studio, however, we cannot accept unpaid reservations over the phone, and class must be paid in full before attending.


• Rides can be cancelled penalty-free up to 4 hours prior to class.  Please note, that classes cancelled inside 4 hours will result in a 'late cancel' fee.  Package riders will forfeit the class, and unlimited riders will be charged a $5 late cancel fee.  Failure to show up for your class will result in a $10 no-show fee. Please respect your fellow riders and cancel any registered classes you know you cannot attend to give waitlisted riders the opportunity to clip in!


• Bikes are released to waitlist or walk-in riders at the start of class, on a first come first serve basis. If you are running late be sure to give us a call and we will hold your bike!  Keep in mind, no rider- registered or not, may not enter the room more than 10 minutes into class.


• By signing up for a waitlisted class you are essentially signing up for the class, please be aware of the following:


                 ◦ a rider can get into a waitlisted class either by e-mail notification due to an early cancellation, or at the start of class due to

                    no-shows.  Riders added from the waitlist will receive an e-mail notifying them, but you are always welcome to call the          

                    studio to check your position.


                 ◦  There is no penalty for removing yourself from the waitlist, however, if you have been added to the class and fail to show up, standard

                     cancellation policies apply.